I can find many electronic, pilot log books but only paper:
  • Aircraft Log
  • Engine Log
As the owner of N19WT, knowing the limited number of pilots who will ever fly the plane, I understand why the closest approximation to a Pilot's Operating Handbook is a typewritten weight and balance page. Given the plane was built in 1987, I also understand why the original logs are paper. But I'm starting a rebuild/repair and I want to fix the logs too.

I've started an HTML rebuilder log, more of a journal, that has the advantage of being easily shared and updatable anywhere there is Internet access. But unlike a paper log, an HTML based log is not easy for an A&P to 'sign' and worse, verify that it was the A&P who signed off on the work.

I'm thinking about crafting an HTML page to resemble a paper log, the background image. This would include the 'water mark' page number. Then I can overlay the background with the text and images describing what work has been done. I can then print it off and use the collected pages as the Aircraft and/or Engine log. To make sure the electronic and paper pages stay in sync, any text and images will go through a hash to generate a signature key. This becomes the verification link between the electronic and paper copy.

My intention is:
  • Aircraft Log - electronic with paper backup
  • Engine Log - new, I'll be replacing the bought engine with a new one (HAPI engine for sale soon)
  • Pilot's Operating Handbook - new, collected and organized for a Viking Dragonfly
Has anyone else been doing any work in this area ... electronic and paper aircraft, engine, and pilot's handbook?

Bob Wilson