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    Hi I have a Javelin Capella and Im going to recover the wings and tail feathers, can I use light material from from aircraft spruce?????

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    I don't know what the Javelin Capella is. Part 103 Ultralight?

    Speed, weight and pervious covering material will all have a bearing on the answer..


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    Joseph Lilley

    Being that the Javelin Capella is a ultralight you would be legal to use the uncertified lite ceconite or polyfiber that spruce sells.
    If you have a builder's log for it the material used for the covering should be listed.
    When you remove the old skin if the material was of medium (Ceconite 102 or the Polyfiber equivelent) or heavy (Ceconite 101 or the Polyfiber equivelent) you will find a stamp on the material.
    The uncertified lite material of both Ceconite & Polyfiber will have no marking on the material.
    Aircraft Spruce gives the weight of each of these materials.
    If in doubt and the extra $4 to $5 a yard for the heavy grades of the material is not a major factor, go up a grade or so.
    Unless you have a engine that is at the really low end of the power curve and plan on multi layers of paint : you should not have a problem.

    Hope this helps
    Joseph Lilley

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