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Thread: UL 520 iST (turbo model)

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    UL 520 iST (turbo model)

    Anyone have any comments/experience with the UL520iST (it's a UL520iS with the turbo)? The 520iS has been out for several years but UL Power just started marketing the turbo version in January.

    I'm considering it for my CH750SD. Notwithstanding the slow flight of the 750SD, UL claim there should not be any heat issues, etc.

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    This doesn't directly address your question, but it's related...

    I have no connection to this guy or his website, but I ran across it while researching engines for my Kitfox build. It might be worth your time to read.
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    Thank you for the info Eric - I've read it and emailed Nate for further, more current information on UL Power.


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    What did you discover? I am considering either an IO-233 or ULPower engine for a CH750 Cruzer, however the inability to run avgas and some of the other information is concerning.


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