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Thread: Used Garmin GTX 330 help.

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    Used Garmin GTX 330 help.

    I purchased a used GTX-330 for my Challenger 2 here in Canada. However, when setting it up, I ran into a road block. In the settings where I would enter my registration number, it has only 2 option. "American" which always starts with an "N", or Hex. How do I get my Canadian registration entered in it? Do I have to update software? Is that only a dealer support feature, or do I have to send it to Garmin to set it up?

    Peter Toth
    Winnipeg Manitoba

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    Does Canada have an online registry listing all registered a/c with their legal specs? In the US, the FAA registration database entry for each plane actually includes the hex version of the a/c's registration number. Here's the US FAA version of N number lookup for N12345:

    Near the bottom right is the entry, Mode S Code (Base 16 / Hex) A061D9
    Hopefully, Canada has a similar database you can access.


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    Peter is your Challenger 2 registered as amateur built or ultralight?
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    go to and type in your C- registration and it will list the code in Hex, Oct and Binary

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