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Thread: Can Anyone Identify This Pull Rivet?

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    Can Anyone Identify This Pull Rivet?

    Our chapter was cleaning out a hangar, and came across 4 bags of these. They looked too valuable to throw out, but no one could identify it, or the tool needed to do the pulling. It looks like the center will fill the hole.
    Thanks for any help.

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    OK I’ll play.......Definitely not an expert but I think it’s a knob head stem cherry MS rivet. The knob head stems are considered obsolete and have been replaced with the serrated stem.
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    I also think it is a Cherry AN blind rivet. It was shown in the AC43.13-1 that I downloaded from the FAA site. Being obsolete, it might be hard to find a tool to pull this type rivet. I have a tool with the head for #3 and #4 rivets, Universal Head and flush, plus a 90 degree attachment. Do you know what you want for the rivets? I am not a builder, but I loaned my tool to a friend who used a few of my old rivets for a small project on his Breezy.

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    It is also considered to be a non-structural rivet.

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