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Thread: Dynon D-180 Screen Rotation Setup

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    Dynon D-180 Screen Rotation Setup

    I'm in the process of configuring my newly acquired D-180 Ultra Bright EFIS and I cannot find any info in the installation manual or the user manual as to exactly how to get to the menu which allows me to select/arrange my EFIS screen presentation and rotation. I am only able to page through various split screen (EFIS/EMS) combinations which are already programmed.but I am unable to come up with the "full" screen EFIS picture without the split EMS pictures.

    The D-180 is not installed in the RV7A yet and I am configuring it at home with an external 12v power unit. I have been successful with configuring bugs, times and airspeed tape colors, but no luck finding the screen rotation menu. Step by step button pushing instructions would be most helpful...Thanks

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    I believe you are looking for EMS > SETUP > GLOBAL > SCREEN SETUP

    EFIS-D10 (
    FlightDEK-D180_Installation_Guide_Rev_H.pdf (

    The installation guide refers you to the pilot's guide and the pilot's guide does not have any information on screen setup but it does mention that it's there.

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