Mustang's are cool...right !!?

Would anybody be interested if I started a thread on the build of my Mustang cockpit, where I went from this...

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Through this...

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To this...

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With a view to maybe getting some of you out there who either don't fly or have a passion for a particular Warbird, to maybe think about building a Cockpit yourself ?. I am not a qualified engineer / mechanic / welder / woodworker / riveter etc, but I can use a screwdriver (yes, even a left handed one ! :-) ) and a jigsaw and what I've created...anybody can do, trust me !

She's been built in a 12 X 6 wooden shed !. I used two 'specialist' tools to make her...a rubber mallet to help on some bends (Rubber won't scratch the aluminum) and a vice mounted metal folder with a 2ft jaw capacity. Everything else was standard tools you've like a jigsaw, spanners and lots of swear words when things don't turn out the way you want them to :-)

It's not expensive and at the end of the day, when y'all walk out to your garage / man-cave, and there taking pride of place is an instantly recognisable lump of a Warbird looking back at you, it's an awesome feeling with the added bonus that your neighbors / friends are more than likely entirely jealous to boot :-)