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Thread: MZ 202 Plug Wires

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    MZ 202 Plug Wires

    I think I may have 1 & 2 crossed. Can someone familiar with the MZ 202 advise please?
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    I can not see the coils well enough to be certain. Zip ties are not evidence of right or wrong path .The One should not be tied to the other cylinder in case of cross over ignition. If you want to tie them off in pairs keep the cylinder wires partnered to the same cylinder. So if this is a factory pairing my take is 3 and 2 are swapped or 1 and 4. There is no conclusion from the picture you are showing. Only the that the pairs should not be paired off with the other cylinder.
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    Thanks for the input Norman. I will remove the zip ties and repost a better view of the coil.

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    Posted another photo with the ties removed and a better view of the coil.

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    You need to swap 2 & 3.

    I googled "MZ202 ignition diagram". The very first hit was the engine manual, including the wiring diagram:

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    Sincere thank you to Norman and Dana for the help and guidance. Problem resolved.

    Blue skies and tailwinds everyone.

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