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Thread: Video: GoPro Max 360 Flight - Camera Mounting - Video Editing in Post

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    Video: GoPro Max 360 Flight - Camera Mounting - Video Editing in Post

    In this video, we mounted 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras on our Cessna (the Sky Chicken) to try out our new 360 cameras. Plus a short demo on how to edit the 360 footage using the GoPro Player video editing software.

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    I don't mean to be critical -- you are of course free to accept sponsorships that make you money -- but since this is basically just a 12-minute advertisement for GoPro, shouldn't it be in the Marketplace section of the forum, clearly labeled as advertising?

    Putting this in the Hangar Talk section is a perfect example of why so many people abhor "sponsored content." It poses as organically created entertainment when in fact its purpose is to generate sales for the sponsor and both kickbacks and future sponsorships for the creator.

    Not to mention the way this co-opts the forum -- provided by EAA for its members to discuss aviation topics -- to direct traffic to a YouTube channel that is obviously a commercial enterprise.

    Sorry if this offends, but the pervasiveness of sponsored content, product placements and advertising in general in recent years has become really egregious.
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