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    I'm getting into "Pre-Show" mode

    I've verified that my mom-n-pop motel IS still in business after all their Covid related financial hardships and my reservation is intact - and THEY were thrilled to learn that AirVenture IS going to happen this year. They really count on having a full house for that timeframe.

    I get my 2nd dose of vaccine next week so I'll be medically good to go.

    I can now 'officially' start gathering up all my notes and scraps of paper containing all the new 'old' jokes I hope to tell this year and start rehearsing.

    I've been socking away as many pennies as I can all year and have sufficient to cover the serious $$ it costs to volunteer as a tram conductor - an expense I consider to be worth every cent by the way. If I didn't truly love it? I wouldn't do it.

    And as always I can hardly wait for July to roll around. I do luv me some airplanes.

    YAY AirVenture!! I also do hope that all the international guests will also be able to attend with the lifting of pandemic related travel bans and problems.

    Oh, and regardless of your age - when you become eligible for the vaccine GET THE SHOT(S) please. We're all in this thing together.
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