I read Steve Krog's post on throttle stuck open but couldn't read comments or post comments, using Waterfox browser. So I tried Chrome, and I could read comments but not post any -- it asked me to login to post a comment. I thought I was already logged in (turns out I WAS logged in), but clicked on login and it took me to Facebook. Why? Apparently the comments (if not the blog itself) are on Facebook, which I don't use, and there was NO CLUE at all that this was Facebook until I tried to login.

Since I'm not the only one out here that does not use Facebook (so cannot login) and who WON'T use it, please at LEAST give us a clue that we have to be logged in to Facebook to comment, so that we won't waste time trying. And give me a clue on Waterfox Classic that there's something different here, since all I had was text saying:
Post Comments

with no highlighting, no clue why nothing happened trying to click it.