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Thread: Dilemma (sort of) about where to start in my quest for the air...

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    Congrats - safe flights and have fun learning.
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    Hey, great! Just keep your lessons as close together as possible, to minimize the extra time you'd have to spend on review from one lesson to the next.

    Larry N.

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    I am going to be at Oshkosh this year and I see they are going to have both flying lesson and simulator chatting up. I have a specific need. My inner ears have absolutely no exposure to attitude other than bolt upright while moving pilot controls. In addition I have laser sculpted eyeballs which is my previous excuse for not pursuing piloting. At this point, recently, I have over 750 hours of AI on my choices of flight ops in MS-FS 2020. I am only interested in actual flying and simulator training in a cab 6-DOF with a monitor. If both of these hardware items (airplane/simulator) were the same that would definitely reduce my resistance to pure Simony. A dollar total under $500.00 for one hour of both would --- My feet have never touched rudder pedals as even to set a Pitts S-2 taking off from Lakeway, Texas about to hit a building I would turnoff the AI and trust the twist on my Freedom 2.4 that has flown many hours of MS FSX in helicopters to help my son understand the need to calibrate his joystick before sliding a Bell off the roof of a building because it is misbehaving.

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