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    I set up a flight yesterday. Full payload, from KIAH to KDFW in a "Longitude" after flying in from Austin. For the accountants out there that is 30% fuel on a real sipper; 9369 pounds of baggage and 8 PAX at paratrooper weight allowances, 250 pounds each to give a C.G. at 28.87 % of M.A.C. > 24% < 40% leaving on runway 27 for a 00:27 minute 200 mile IFR-Low flight to a direct IFR approach and automatic handoff.

    Runway 27 is 9988 feet of asphalt at IAH where 15L is much longer at 11,900 feet of asphalt. The engine life saving backing off of the throttles in takeoff gives a lift off and very low but ultimately 249 knot runout to see the ILS antennas lit just to the left at the end of the runway.

    Climb in economy mode but not necessarily Boeing "cost-index" replacing maximum Psub S yields 3400 feet in clouds, a 326 degree heading joining the course and clear at 4100 feet. Climb and maintain 18,000 finds slush, ice? so "H" and it vanishes almost immediately. At 17,600 feet, heavy clouds and zero visibility while air speed has built to 442 kts in the red with the call "overspeed" repeated. Finally clear at 18000 feet, stop watch, set at start, now reads 00:12:03

    and on the course on the 2D map HOMRN and it's triangle shows the checkpoint is met. On course, some scattered below 344 deg/ 340 deg/ 339 deg; clear @ 16,500 feet, lots of traffic;

    out of 12,500 for 12,000 feet then descent clearance to 6000 feet in approach to runway 18L; cleared to GRUCH, "landing gear" call begins repeating, but 289 kts says no to me; 339 degree heading 7700 feet; 25% fuel (we only started with 30%) beeping was flaps 15 % are back up not low fuel, 252 kts, 6600 ft. 14.6 n mi to KDFW; 00:29:41 Descend to 4K 9.48 n mi to go cleared to 3000 feet in reduced visibility, 244 knots, 244 kts., 3110 feet, 11 miles North of airport, Runway next is 8.39 n miles , wind 266 @ 8,

    FINAL for 18L 2.42 n-mi, "500", --- contact on correct runway, "exit when able" 4:41 PM PST is local time and the runway is huge!

    turning left onto taxiway "gate 2 use taxiways W J G A K then moving at 4:44 PM PST going right to long taxiway South, turns in painted lines, going right to long taxiway headed South on 2D map, more painted turns, chose left taxiway goes East, left to North another left to West, approaching a fence around construction with t-cranes visible above, now headed South

    and then we are at E2 it seems with a ground crew and stopped, shutting down with the log appearing 35:28 time of flight going into join the previous flights for TTOF of 448:33:49.

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    I flew back to MMCU; Gen. Div PA Roberto Fierro Villalobos field to look at the mountains again. The Longitude looks sleeker than the CJ and appears in the "S" views in some looks. Clouds challenged the decision to go VFR.
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