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Thread: L-16B & No-Bounce Gear - LSA?

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    L-16B & No-Bounce Gear - LSA?


    I'm selling my L-16B. It has no-bounce gear.

    I have some questions that maybe y'all can answer:

    I see in information sheets from 1950 that the max gross weight for the L-16B is 1300 lbs. I've read where that increases to 1350 lbs with no-bounce gear. LSA limit is 1320 lbs. Does this mean that an L-16B with no-bounce gear is not LSA-eligible? I see the L-16B listed in the FAA LSA list, no mention of any no-bounce gear exclusion. Can I just amend the Weight-and-Balance to a Max GW of 1320 and be LSA-eligible that way? Or is this even necessary, since the FAA LSA listed L-16B makes no mention of gear type?

    I've had one interested person ask about a logbook entry for the installation of no-bounce gear, with the annotation of the GW increase to 1350 lbs. I've never heard of this requirement. Further, I can't find any such listing anywhere in my records. I have some logbooks from the CAP service days of my L-16, but nothing about no-bounce gear. For all I know the plane was delivered to the Army in 1948 with no-bounce gear. Anyone know anything about a logbook entry for no-bounce gear?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS Here's a link to my plane: ... L-16B.html
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