I think that this topic is true with all Chapters. We now have 3 EAA chapters in the Wichita, KS area. One is focused on flying ... with Young Eagles as a second. Another is focused on Young Eagles ... with some technical. And the third, which just went through some major problems at the Board level, is going to go toward technical and projects ... unless the remaining members convince me otherwise. We are the only Chapter in the area that owns our own building. We also have an RV group in the area that started 2+ decades ago ... which hurt the Chapter.

So my question then becomes, with only 9 monthly meetings a year (the others are: 2 for fly-outs and 1 Christmas Party), how do you cover all the bases? I'm going to suggest that other members run other events ... like visiting projects, seeing aviation businesses in town, visiting local MakerSpaces (we have a $2M+ one called "Go Create" on the campus of Wichita State University) on non-regularly scheduled meeting days.

The main thing I think that we are missing is participation! I personally think our dues are too high at $36/year. My suggestion (in January ... when I become president again) is going to be to give members a $3 credit for each month that they volunteer during for next year's membership dues. Thoughts?