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Thread: Instrument Landing CAT-I, CAT-II. CAT-III and GCA

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    Happy Instrument Landing CAT-I, CAT-II. CAT-III and GCA

    Now that GPS approaches have been added to the ways to land in bad weather or just under ATC control I have to say that I was kicked out of the EAA IMC Club faster than out of the FACEBOOK Modeling Group. I know you have seen those sort of short white "goal posts" in a sequence of heights at the end of some of the bigger runways. Sometimes aircraft crash into them landing short or unable to attain height depending on the wind.

    The Berlin Airlift proceeded without them using only precision radar approaches and so I met a lot of resistance to including anything to do with CAT in the military DC-9. As time passed the Electrical Engineering folks at Douglas working on the DC-10 showed me their work on presenting a CAT-III landing simulation using the same IBM 2250 Vector graphics that I used for my ABS-III performance simulation. I was severely reprimanded for using terms visible on the visitors today circular that could be seen by foreign and commercial operators.

    NAVSTAR was launched on a DELTA booster so I walked among those at McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics-West while it's uncertainty was vulnerable. I listened to the regression of the Air Defense Command from using dedicated radars and SAGE-BUIC to only FAA radars as the AWACS was being funded in yearly cycles.
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    I could add one more group to those I was kicked out of by a simple administrative "people say your comments don't make sense." SKETCHFAB Apparently their goal is to fix every model with a place on earth to satisfy their assistance from the French government on creating a deep learning from satellite photographs. I assure you that the only real estate my models can be found on together is a Lexar 128 Gb Superspeed USB 3.0 JumpDrive S73. I used to also get comments from apparently Frankophiles to the effect of "our Rafaele can lick your F-15." I keep that one with the ones from India about SU-30MKI's being better dog fighters than F-15's based on mutual exercises.

    Here I am into RNAV and the kinds of ground additions to GPS necessary to make GPS enabled zero-zero landings. I have read Aviation Week for now let's see, since 1970 pretty much every week with a lapse from 1983 to uhhh about 2000 then up until yesterday. So ADS-B, In-OUT, and Atlantic routes, and all that radio stuff, including some recent AOPA magazine on carbon microphones and why I have such a hard time recognizing centers. This thread is about someone who has read or overheard it all. Don't be a shy lurker if you have something to add. GLONASS and what the Chinese plan to have that is truly Belt and Road? Sure, I want it on my competitor to the Gulfstream V after it's range competes with the Boeing 787.

    Just because I read the magazines does not mean I spent no time at all living on pure faith to get aircraft and systems into the inventory. The EAA and it's enhancement of the leg of Make or Buy that Makes and it's unwillingness to accept the Going out of Business curve that is the market plotted as a diminishing returns curve with no onset to satisfy Curtiss Lemay and makes and even buys WW-I replicas and new designs like the Pitts has held me now since the beginning of the year as a member and not just a reader of KitPlanes.

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    Yes, I did belong to Google SKETCHUP for a time but found the ability to make only rectilinear things like buildings and always with a specific address was a bit wearing. Some of my sayings like "I come up with it!" or "I can beat those guys, How fast are we going?" don't really fit certified but at one time did fit ECP or Engineering Change Proposal. Maintenance Man Hours per Flight Hour (MMH/FH) were something that caused reciprocating engines, propellers and gear boxes to be obsoleted. Jet engines have ignitors that are only used for starting and not continuous use like spark plugs. I am truly in awe of Coast Guard crews who not only perform the mission but also do all of the maintenance on their machines. Is this how building kit planes at the manufacturer as prefabbed subassemblies or using special tools match with C checks on bigger birds at overhaul or depot. Pratt & Whitney Canada clearing all the personal tool boxes out of the assembly process and even having an empty hall every morning is amazing. I'm no longer inside so I read or watch.

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    STC, that is the word I was searching for to go with ECP. System Time Compliance is what I think it means and is mostly for inspections but also for updated parts mostly where safety is involved.

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