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    Big bomb

    The largest conventional bomb of WW II was the "Tallboy" and one just found in Poland in a river port. It had been dropped by the RAF at a German warship in 1945.
    At 10,000 lbs the impact would have pernitrated the ship if a hit, not counting the high explosives. It detonated when divers were trying to deactivate it fortunately without any causualites.

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    The US's Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (More commonly known as the Mother of All Bombs) was twice the size of the Tallboy, at 21,600 pounds. They used C-130s to drop it.

    In any case the Tallboy wasn't the largest WWII bomb, nor is the MOAB the all-time record holder. The RAF's WWII "Grand Slam" bomb was slightly heavier than the MOAB. The Brits called it "Ten Ton Tess." While it was ~300 pounds heavier than the MOAB, the MOAB had a lightweight case and carried far more explosive.

    The MOAB was basically a glorified "Daisy Cutter," with no penetration ability. The Tallboy and Grand Slam were designed to dig deep into the target and detonate far below. This would tend to destroy things like bridge or aqueduct supports. The RAF eventually sank the Tirpitz (the Bismarck's sister ship) with them.

    Barnes Wallis...who developed the bouncing bomb for the "Dambusters" raid...was responsible for the Tallboy. In fact, it was 617 Squadron (the Dambusters) who first dropped the Tallboy in combat.

    Ron Wanttaja
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    For penetration, you call for the GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) 33,000 pounds. B-2 can cary two of them. I got briefing on it at Whiteman AFB when my son was an ordnance tech (ammo) there.
    Chris Mayer

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    Right on Ron... Grand Slam was heavier... for when you care to send the very best...
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    Tall Boy explosion...

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    It is good that this bomb exploded now without casualties, not 75 years ago.

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