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Thread: Help with aircraft identification.

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    Help with aircraft identification.

    Hello all, I'm new to the aviation world as a PPL student in rural KY and your forum. I'd like some help from anyone who could identify the Make/Model/ +/- year of the aircraft in the picture. This plane was apparently my wife's grandfather's plane. My recent venture into aviation sparked my mother-in-law to produce this picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chuck Coulter.
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    Actually, I think I found something myself. Possibly a Funk Model B?? Again, any further info is much appreciated. Chuck.

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    Aircraft "N" numbers 24118, 28, 68 and 78 are all Funks in different locations. You can use the FAA registry to check them out and see if any 'might' be the one in the pic.

    This generic pic of a Funk Model B confirms your hunch.

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