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Thread: Moving Beyond the pilot's Operating Manual

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    Il mio "Boeing Bias" non è dal lavorare per Boeing nella mia carriera, è dal documento "Boeing Enroute Winds", e il metodo di calcolo delle miglia nautiche dei sedili all'ora che ha reso gli aerei a reazione il metodo di trasporto dominante della mia vita. Recentemente, ho visto un metodo Boeing di calcolare qualcosa che chiamano indice dei costi CI che riflette i costi spot e il costo coperto del carburante. Questo viene quindi utilizzato per creare un profilo per l'arrampicata alla crociera in cui la velocità non è limitata al di sotto di 10.000 piedi. Ai miei tempi, la potenza in eccesso specifica è stata utilizzata per creare il tempo minimo per salire a un'altitudine specifica. Vorrei dirlo anche in tedesco e ,--- spagnolo? e italiano?

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    Airbus shift

    Meine "Boeing Bias" ist nicht von der Arbeit für Boeing in meiner Karriere, es ist aus dem "Boeing Enroute Winds" Dokument, und die Methode der Berechnung der Sitz seeseeden Meilen pro Stunde, die Jet-getriebene Flugzeuge die dominierende Transportmethode meines Lebens gemacht. Kürzlich habe ich eine Boeing-Methode zur Berechnung eines, wie sie cost index CI nennen, gesehen, das die Spotkosten und die abgesicherten Treibstoffkosten widerspiegelt. Dies wird dann verwendet, um ein Profil für den Aufstieg zu Kreuzfahrt zu erstellen, wo geschwindigkeit nicht begrenzt ist, wie unter 10.000 Fuß. Zu meiner Zeit wurde spezifische überschüssige Leistung verwendet, um minimale Zeit zu schaffen, um auf eine bestimmte Höhe zu klettern. Lassen Sie mich das auf Deutsch und Französisch,--- auch Spanisch? und Italienisch?

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    Mon « Boeing Bias » n’est pas de travailler pour Boeing dans ma carrière, c’est à partir du « Boeing Enroute Winds » document, et la méthode de calcul des sièges miles nautiques par heure qui a fait des avions à réaction le moyen de transport dominant de ma vie. Récemment, j’ai vu une méthode Boeing de calculer quelque chose qu’ils appellent l’indice de coût CI qui reflète les coûts au comptant et le coût couvert du carburant. Ceci est ensuite utilisé pour créer un profil pour l’escalade à la croisière où la vitesse n’est pas limitée comme en dessous de 10.000 pieds. À mon époque, une puissance excédentaire spécifique a été utilisée pour créer un minimum de temps pour monter à une altitude spécifique. Permettez-moi de mettre cela en allemand et Français,--- aussi espagnol? et italien?

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    My "Boeing Bias" is not from working for Boeing in my career, it's from the "Boeing Enroute Winds" document, and the method of calculating seat nautical miles per hour that made jet powered aircraft the dominant transportation method of my lifetime. Recently, I have seen a Boeing method of calculating something they call cost index CI which reflects the spot costs and hedged cost of fuel. This then is used to create a profile for climbing to cruise where speed is not limited as below 10,000 feet. In my day, specific excess power was used to create minimum time to climb to a specific altitude. Let me put that in German and French,--- also Spanish? and Italian?

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    Lightbulb The collaborations I met at DC-10 time

    Mi "Boeing Bias" no es de trabajar para Boeing en mi carrera, es del documento "Boeing Enroute Winds", y el método de calcular millas náuticas de asiento por hora que hizo de los aviones propulsados el método de transporte dominante de mi vida. Recientemente, he visto un método de Boeing para calcular algo que llaman CI de índice de costos que refleja los costos al contado y el costo cubierto del combustible. Esto se utiliza entonces para crear un perfil para subir al crucero donde la velocidad no está limitada como por debajo de 10,000 pies. En mi época, se utilizó un exceso de energía específico para crear un tiempo mínimo para subir a una altitud específica. Permítanme poner eso en alemán y francés,--- también español? e italiano?

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    I do need to acknowledge the Russian mathematicians who came to the Boston area and made the algorithms for hidden lines removal in 3D display. Otherwise we would still have those spiderwebs that were cool but not the spider webs that even appeared in the Wall Street journal in magazine dot printing but could not receive a single surface to be put into our simulators as real time photo real dynamic images.

    I had University of Voronezh sourced editor assembly books to go with my INTEL sourced 200MX space flight capable machine code manuals my son got for me. Like the MIPS processors of the Apple of that day this was invulnerable to cosmic rays and other extreme manmade radiation hardened, such as electromagnetic pulse from atmospheric nuclear detonations. Kind of slow in todays world but at the time the chosen path.

    Me, I simply determined the exact solar zenith of a day by setting up a long series of pencil verticals and looking for the most linear points in a line as the sun is almost at infinity. I also traced the sun on the face of a reflective building just built for when it did not move as I walked or ran by.

    You do know that and airplane shadow on the ground is exactly the same size as the airplane in the sky not including the sun's angle? Then I would go running or walking at the exact time of the zenith which for my longitude was either 12:30pm or 1:30 PM depending on daylight saving time. No noon gun, here.

    Мне нужно признать русских математиков, которые приехали в Бостон и сделали алгоритмы для удаления скрытых линий в 3D-дисплее. В противном случае мы бы еще те паутины, которые были прохладно, но не паутины, которые даже появились в журнале Уолл-стрит в журнале точка печати, но не может получить ни одной поверхности, которые будут введены в наши тренажеры, как в режиме реального времени фото реальных динамических изображений. У меня был Воронежский университет источников редактор сборки книг, чтобы пойти с моим INTEL источников 200MX космический полет способный машинный код руководства мой сын получил для меня. Как процессоры MIPS Apple того времени, это было неуязвимым для космических лучей и других экстремальных искусственных лучей, затвердевшего, таких как электромагнитный импульс от атмосферных ядерных детонаций. Вид медленно в современном мире, но в то время выбранный путь. Я, я просто определил точный солнечный зенит в день, установив длинный ряд карандаш вертикалей и ищет наиболее линейных точек в линии, как солнце почти на бесконечность. Я также проследил солнце на лице отражающего здания только что построили, когда он не двигаться, как я шел или пробежал мимо. Вы знаете, что и тень самолета на земле точно такого же размера, как самолет в небе, не включая угол солнца? Тогда я хотел бы ходить или ходить в точное время зенита, который для моей долготы было либо 12:30 вечера или 1:30 вечера в зависимости от летнего времени. Нет полдень пистолет, здесь.
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    I wanted to buy a Logitech PRO joystick to update my Freedom2.4 with four corners to the base instead of three. (moving from the triple redundancy of the DC-10 that failed in Sioux City to the quadruple redundancy by two sided pairs of the F-14 digital Central Air Data Computer?) but the offeror tried to impose his own concept of a warranty of implied worth sight unseen on me personally for any match with the new FS-2020 by kiting the cost to the Microsoft software's price of $130.00 from the agreed upon one at point of sale. The hardware has now been cancelled but the refund for early billing before shipping has not been refunded to the credit card account. The latest scam on my phone was a claim to be warning of a fraudulent access of my Social security account and--- when I did not immediately press 1--- a threat, that my IT would be disabled! Did the authoritative woman's voice mean AI? That's kind of spent right now trying to keep up with real world weather and winds. (Supplemental Information on triple redundancy-
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    Goggles A control other than the standard games two sided X-Box controller would be nice.

    I did use the to pick the useable commands for my Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick and assign them in Settings in the game while running to the buttons, and one slider. Accessible from the Options menu. It flys kind of wild in real winds right now but I have gotten to the Solo in Training in Sedona.

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    OK, I see the problem with using the AI pilot. If it cannot solve the airfield pair with the fuel load it doesn't follow a useable navigation which the Travel log will eventually report if you begin jumping ahead keeping time. Unfortunately, it doesn't know how to avoid "rising terrain" such as can be found on the final to 2-7-L at Travis (KSUU). I was getting really good at coming up with these kinds of missions in Central America after I had done some historic routes with expected aircraft solutions. More later on this. For a time the navaids seemed not to fit or reversed while the aircraft flew a nice altitude and airspeed profile, later even with good ATC communications.

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    Exceedingly cool! The Airbus A-320 taxiied in and parked with a stairs, a tractor and baggage train! The simulator logged over 4 hours for what is a 1:45 flight due to my early tentative moves. Now to have it do the thing for "real." I met the narrow body airbus as a engineer marketing comment that "the guys from Messerschmitt are here today in the tower. They have some designs for a narrow body Airbus." MBB was doing some licensing of helicopters to McDonnell.

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