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Thread: Looking for Help Identifying Vintage Model Planes!

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    Exclamation Looking for Help Identifying Vintage Model Planes!

    Hi there! I need help identifying some model planes for a research project! Sadly, I know nothing about planes... so I thought I'd reach out to some people who do!
    The photos are from a 1971 model plane show in Nova Scotia. (Sorry the pictures are so blurry, but this is all I have!)
    I'm trying to figure out what kind of plane, RC, kit, or model they are. These are all from before the 70's, so I don't really expect anyone to know the exact specifications, but if these remind you anything please let me know!
    Even ballpark estimates will help my research! Thanks in advance!

    Plane 1:

    Plane 2:

    Plane 3:

    Plane 4:


    I also have a photo of this model zeppelin. I know it's not a plane, but if you also happen to know anything about what this might be let me know! Thanks again!

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    I don't know what any of the others are but photo 4 is a Heath Baby Bullet. It was a very small racing plane in the late 1920's.

    Read more here,

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    Photo #2
    I believe is suppose to be a P51D but its crude...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BusyLittleShop View Post
    Photo #2
    I believe is suppose to be a P51D but its crude...
    Did anyone ever put a P-51 on floats? I suppose it's possible, given that it's a model.

    It appears to have a single cylinder nitro engine sticking up from the cowling, which suggests that it's RC.

    I don't have a specific make/model in mind, but it looks to me like it could be a Schneider Trophy racer. Perhaps that's a number "1" or "7" on the aft fuselage, and maybe a sponsor logo on the wing?
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    I'd suggest checking with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and their museum in Muncie, Indiana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BusyLittleShop View Post
    Photo #2
    I believe is suppose to be a P51D but its crude...
    Not a P-51, is a typical R/C pattern (stunt) plane of the early 1970s. Not sure which one, there were hundreds of designs back then... it looks a little like a Sterling Lancer but the rudder shape is wrong, the tail looks like a Kaos but the fuselage doesn't. Most R/Cs of the era weren't intended to represent any particular full size plane.

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    And on top of that, a significant number were not built from kits or even from published plans. My Dad flew R/C for many years (and I did, occasionally) including gliders, pattern planes, and even a trainer or two. I would say 90% were entirely his own designs, nothing that you'd ever be able to identify. Several of the others in the club were doing the same.
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    All of the models pictured are for radio control. You might try searching through several on line plan services like Outerzone, Hip Pocket or Aerofred. You can also try posting your request on the RC Groups Vintage and Antique forum.

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