Hi there! I need help identifying some model planes for a research project! Sadly, I know nothing about planes... so I thought I'd reach out to some people who do!
The photos are from a 1971 model plane show in Nova Scotia. (Sorry the pictures are so blurry, but this is all I have!)
I'm trying to figure out what kind of plane, RC, kit, or model they are. These are all from before the 70's, so I don't really expect anyone to know the exact specifications, but if these remind you anything please let me know!
Even ballpark estimates will help my research! Thanks in advance!

Plane 1:

Plane 2:

Plane 3:

Plane 4:


I also have a photo of this model zeppelin. I know it's not a plane, but if you also happen to know anything about what this might be let me know! Thanks again!