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Thread: Propeller identification

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    Propeller identification

    I found this propeller locally but having a hard time getting its story. I believe this is a Bendix/Skunk Works Drone 72", based on Monte Chase's collection at, but that is about all I can find out it. Is there anyone here that can tell me what I have? I am very new to aviation so please accept my apologies if I do not understand proper protocol on asking around about this. Thanks in forward.
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    Whatever it is, it's beautiful.

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    Neat pictures. Are there any numbers stamped on the metal hub...or an ID plate?

    I'd be inclined to suspect a Beech-Roby prop, but those blades are sure unusual.

    [Edit] It sure looks like this one.

    So I think you were right in your identification....

    Ron Wanttaja
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