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Thread: CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) / Flow Simulation Questions

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    CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) / Flow Simulation Questions

    Please post your CFD/Flow Sim Questions on this thread. Be sure to include screen shots if you have them. Also, we encourage you to try doing a web search for your issue to see what is available before posting here. If you find a solution and think it is a common problem, please post your findings out here to help others.

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    Thank you!!

    Joe T.

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    I would like to use the SW CFD capability to experiment with some design changes. A key to that is having an adequate video card. What cards have proven adequate for this type of work?

    Winder, GA

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    Hi Alan,

    Like most CAD software SW demands a combination of ALL computer resources - RAM, Disc, Clock speed, etc. including hardware graphics, and you can't have too much of any of them.
    In that respect CFD is no different.
    I do most of my work (including some CFD stuff) on a good laptop equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card. So far I haven't noticed that the graphics card is the bottleneck.
    I have no experience with other graphics cards, so I can't compare. I would suggest you look at the SW web site to see what graphics cards have been tested and choose according to your budget, not your requirement to work with CFD.
    BTW - The Quaro RTX was a very significant part of the cost of my laptop.


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    Just going throw out there that a Quadro isn't necessary for Solidworks. Not for CAD, for rendering, for running CFD or any other simulation. In school/FSAE we did everything on OLD gaming hardware such as i7-2700 and GTX 660. Just last month I ran some CFD on my personal machine which is an AMD Ryzen machine and a GTX1060. Previous to that I ran Solidworks on an AMD FX-6300. All the listed hardware has worked for me even when opening assemblies with several hundred parts. Admittedly all these setups had at least 16Gb of ram and the old i7 chugged but everything worked just fine.

    All you are missing out on is 'certified' hardware and some performance. If your system is older or not as powerful just be aware that it may be slower.
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