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Thread: Seat Belt Replacement After an Accident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Buchanan View Post
    Now, how do you answer the original question....which is obtuse since we don't know whether the question is about experimental or standard aircraft?
    Whether Exp. or TC'd, I agree with Ron W.'s and your subsequent posting that there is no "requirement" for replacing the seat belts, and that they should be replaced on condition for all the reasons you guys state.

    Now, most of the seatbelt labels I've seen indicate a 10 year lifetime (by the MFG), so on my CI reports I indicate to my customers when their seatbelts are over 10 years old, but if they look to be in good shape (and the airplane is hangared without much UV exposure) and the stitching looks good, I don't refuse to sign off a CI because of older seat belts. But when they get 15, 20, 25 years old, I start pushing harder for a replacement, even if they don't look too ratty, and give my customers a few years to do so before I get belligerent about it :-).

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    I've heard that child car seats must be replaced after an accident. Somehow they are only able to absorb the maximum energy once and are thereafter compromised. It was recommended never to buy or accept a used child car seat if you can get a new one.

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    I've heard of HELMETS needing to be replaced after they receive a shock (usually from an accident) and also climbing ropes once you've got a fall. The idea is that you've deteriorated the energy reducing material.
    Seatbelts on the other hand aren't designed to stretch or give.

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    For a data point, any fall arresting harness or lanyard at work is removed from use and destroyed if it was involved in a fall. Otherwise, they are replaced on a 5 year cycle, and we have about 750 full body harnesses and several hundred lanyards and reels.

    For force numbers...a 200 pound person falling 9 feet will have an impact force of about 3600 pounds....impact velocity of only 16 mph....

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