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Thread: Clark Y and Dihedral

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    Clark Y and Dihedral

    Do high wing aircraft using a true Clark Y, or close mod Y, have dihedral? If so how much?. Or more accurately, does anyone know the dihedral of various successful and flying Clark Y types?

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    Most airplanes have at least some dihedral. The airfoil used has nothing to do with it.

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    Several Aeronca models use a Clark Y airfoil and have between 1-2 degrees of dihedral

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    This website has a pretty good list of aircraft & airfoil used......

    There are many design factors that influence dihedral; it is not solely driven by airfoil design. Pre war Aeroncas
    were Clark Y and they then went to the 4412. You’ll note the the Clark Y has been used on high wings, low wings and biplanes. The Beech Staggerwing used a modified Y airfoil.
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