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Thread: Roger Mann 80% scale Tiger Moth replica

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    Roger Mann 80% scale Tiger Moth replica

    I've bought Roger Mann 80% scale Tiger Moth replica RTM22
    plans, and think they're good for the money (25$).
    Roger Mann offers its support for building and you
    may contact an EAA chapter technical counsellor for
    help (will be difficult for me in France).

    Here are some pics with different engine cowl
    for the Rotax 912 and flat four direct drive
    light engine (jabiru or whatever in the 150lbs
    In this particular fine example, the rounded turtle
    deck offers an easy detail that lets you get a
    good look at it(the plans leave this at the builder choice)
    that isn't exactly the Tiger Moth line.

    In my humble opinion, this replica offers the best
    for an experimental LSA (microlight) classic

    You can share your opinion about it.

    At this time (a week after the first post)
    First clarification : Roger Mann doesn't provide support for RagWing historical plans-built
    (low-priced plans at 25$) aircrafts since the closure of his business except for builders living near
    him in upstate SC. (source his website) I apologize for wrong statement.
    Technical support is only from your nearest EAA technical counsellor in other case.

    Second clarification : N318JT had an accident (with no fatalities) with irreparable
    damage that was really a big loss 10 years ago. Accident happened with a new engine. I apologize
    for the second time and hope that my post wasn't a thorn in his builder's side. (I learned this fact
    searching for N318JT after my first post and even making pics mock of different engine cowls).
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