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Thread: DIY flight simulator for J3 cub

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    Goggles DIY flight simulator for J3 cub

    Does anyone have plans to build a DIY flight simulator for a J3 piper cub? Please contact me at:

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    I built my first flight simulator using an older WinXP Desktop, 4Gb Ram with a 64MB video card running Microsoft FSX. Saitek Joystick and Rudder Pedals. FSX comes with multiple models of the J3 already loaded. There are many other Freeware and more advanced Payware Sims available. You will have to go online to download SP2 & SP3 for FSX for all aircraft sims to function correctly. Total cost was under $400.
    My second simulator required the investment in a customized Gaming PC in order to handle the requirements of Xplane. Cost so far, around $1300, with the intent to add two more monitors in the future.
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    I recommend X-Plane. There are some nice models available for download and the landing gear behavior and flight mechanics are much better than FSX. A tailwheel plane actually flies like a tailwheel airplane. Flight controls are to your preference, I use a Logitech Extreme Pro-3D, because I don't like kicking the rudder pedals under my desk all the time. If you want the feel of the pedals there are several with and without brakes depending upon whether you your Cub has brakes.

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    I do believe the flight dynamics are best represented in X-Plane for the most popular airplanes including the Cub.

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