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    Mailbox Status

    Just went through a comedy of errors; was trying to send a private message to one of the other users on this group, and was told I had exceeded the allowed storage for private messages. I deleted some messages, tried to send it be told the recipient also had a full mailbox.

    The trouble in the second case is that there was no way to TELL him, short of a public posting. Worked out OK, he discovered it on his own. But I have tried to PM other folks and discovered I can't reach them because of a full mailbox.

    Is there any way a user can be automatically notified that their mailbox is full, rather than waiting until they try to send one?

    Ron Wanttaja

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    If the intended recipient has a valid e-mail address associated with his/her account, s/he'll receive an e-mail stating that someone tried to send a PM but the intended recipient's mailbox was full. That (sort of) solves half the problem.

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