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Thread: Patented Go Pro mount especially for aircraft.

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    Patented Go Pro mount especially for aircraft.

    Flight Pro is my Universally Adaptable Camera Mount that was novel
    enough to be awarded a US Patent.

    I dreamed up and fabricated this invention while trying to fasten a
    GoPro to the external surface of P51C Betty Jane during a formation
    flight with a B25 and B24.

    Each kit comes with the essential stainless steel hardware to
    interface with a majority of aircraft fastener points. In addition a
    black Anti Rattle cushion will arrest click sounds between camera and
    case in the event of engine vibrations.

    Flight Pro is machined out of Delrin stock to handle the rigors of
    high speed flight yet weighs only 1.5 oz.

    Flight Pro's taper base will easily suit the degree of airfoil curve
    without stress to surface or paint.

    Flight Pro features a low profile base and turret for minimum
    aerodynamic drag.

    Flight Pro is secured anywhere two hardware points exist 5 1/4 apart

    The turret affords 180 tilt and 360 panning of the camera lens in
    relation to aircraft structure. 10-32 stainless steel fasteners locks
    the desired setting in place.

    Flight Pro kit retails for $89.00 includes free USA shipping
    ( for PayPal details)

    Limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, your camera mount
    will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal
    use. In no event does this warranty apply to your camera or case.

    Install this product at your own risk. All responsibility
    is on the installer and operator. In no event will Flight Pro's
    liability exceed the amount paid by you for this product.

    Installing this product is an experiment. The mount is a
    temporary installation and not a permanent alteration. Responsibility
    falls onto the realm of the installer, or the builder, or the person
    who designed the aircraft to insure the surface and sub structure are
    adequate enough to safely carry the weight of the camera and the air
    load induced on it.

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    The formation flight from McClellan AFB to Minden Nevada that
    inspired my patent ambitions...

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