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Thread: WTS Beech/Cessna Power Wires and Harnesses

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    WTS Beech/Cessna Power Wires and Harnesses

    Scroll thru Pinpoint Harnessing for many more airframe wiring products. Newest service is the clock and external power assembly overhaul.

    Beechcraft A-36 Bonanza power wire sets coming in MAY. Currently waiting on a new PICO die for the 2 AWG battery flag terminals. 12 wire set - $400

    Custom 4 AWG 56" shielded alternator wire available now - $150

    Cessna 172M Power Wire Set - $350

    This set was built for a customer in Alaska with an SBS J-16 Hawker battery installed in his 172N factory battery box. Scroll thru my BATTERIES page for photos of the spacer.

    Voltage RegulatorsVOLTAGE REGULATORS

    Cessna 172M 4 Wire Voltage Regulator Harness - $115

    Plane Power Voltage Regulator Harness with Inline Fuse - $135

    Cessna Clock and External Power Assembly Overhaul - $250
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    Beechcraft battery wiring with correct flag terminals.

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