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Thread: All The Jet Flights You Need?

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    All The Jet Flights You Need?

    If you were offered a deal where you pay $9000 to join a group and that gives you a right to Unlimited private jet flights for the year, would you do it? Or would you wonder how far $9000 is going to go jets that may costs from $4000 to $9000 per hour to operate? Write the check or say too good to be true.
    A company called Jetsmarter did this, had a lot of response at first,But there is a clause in the contract that says "terms and conditions can be changed at any time". So after you put in the money, the other side of the contract is not really a binding contract. And it is now falling apart as per business news report. And investors haven't seen the growth they were sold on either. The CEO is 27 years old, seems to be foreign, eastern European maybe, and wearing sort of pink purple jacket. One jet had to land enroute when a passenger, a disc jockey went nuts and yelled of chopping peoples heads off. I m sure not what the pilot thought his job would entail.

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    $9000 will get you a couple of hours, depending on the plane, and that's it. Anyone who signs up for that is just plain stupid.
    You know what they say, "there's a sucker born every minute".

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    Jetsmarter was marketed as the Uber of private jets. A hip trendy website, a few very special algorithms, a very low totally absurd yearly fee as come-on to suck you in and a smartass Russian snake oil salesman as CEO. A recipe for a BS scam.

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    But Floats just described SO MANY new "ventures". Tough to pick one out.
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    Jetsmarter is a charter broker - nothing new there. That should be disclosed on their website since it's required by law. I think they now have a contract with a 135 company which gives Jetsmarter 100% use of it's planes. Not sure what kind of promos they are offering but the average seat cost per leg is around $1000. A savvy consumer might be able to game the system and get a good deal - for a while anyway. For the most part, a saavy consumer can do just as good by chartering his own flights and at least have control over who sits next to him.

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    The ones I have followed through the years are 1) a back haul repositioning flight where the outbound was paid by either a member of a sharing or a straight charter. 2) a proposed air taxii jet service, for instance the Eclipse, which was going to use friction stir welding and Williams turbofans

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