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Thread: Any Chapters Skipping Meetings & Breakfasts This Month?

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    On April 11, 2020, EAA Chapter 75 conducted its first virtual meeting online as we continue to work hard during the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. The first meeting included 11 participants. We used Zoom Video Communications as our platform of choice.

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    IAC Chapter 35 did a Zoom meeting this past Saturday. To our surprise we had more members participate than we would get in a regular face-to-face meeting. Some of our friends who are quite distant video-ed in. We are thinking that when we go back to having face-to-face meetings we will do Zoom also so that our more remote members can participate. Quite the learning experience.



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    That's a great idea ! ! ! Hope that catches on with other chapters!

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    Chapter 186 had a zoom Young Eagles meeting. We discussed the program with parents and kids and offered ideas on things to to, that can be done during the shut down. Ideas included putting together a airplane walk around, focused on The young eagles, working with the scouts for aviation merit badge (we have YE pilots who are BSA Aviation merit badge counselors), and for our YEs that have had their first flight, taking advantage of the EAA virtual flight academy and the Sporty's learn to fly course.

    we will have a zoom chapter meeting on Saturday.
    Chris Mayer

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    Chapter 124, Santa Rosa CA, cancelled the April dinner meeting. Nothing on the website about the May meeting. I plan to stay away from group get-togethers where I'm unable to maintain at least 6 ft separation. One of my friends, a 72 year old retired Continental Airlines B777 captain, died in March after being hospitalized for two weeks, the last week in ICU and induced coma on a ventilator. He was the picture of good health.

    Stay home and stay safe.
    - Stan Cooper (K4DRD), Private Pilot ASEL, LSR-I, EAA 115792 Lifetime Member, EAA Chapter 124
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