Long story short, I've been a student pilot for many years now. Life, money, time, no flight school in my area for years, etc. have all contributed to my "on again, off again" flight training.
I'm getting back into a C152 in a few weeks (now that there's a flight school here) , but would love to invest in a computer dedicated to a flight sim that I can use at home on days I'm not flying.
NOW.... I have no home computer. Haven't had one in years, since the iPhone and iPad came out. No need for one, since I can use my phone and tablet in its place.

First, I will need to purchase a PC. I have no idea where to begin.

Second, a bit of info on what I'm wanting in a Flight Sim. Basically, a simple flight simulator (with yoke, rudder peddles, throttle, flaps, carb heat) for flying a C150 and C172. As close to real life as possible. I know I won't ever move into anything much larger than these 2 aircraft. Everything I do will be in small General Aviation aircraft.
I also own an Ultralight airplane. So I'll be flying a stick (not a yoke) taildragger, as well as the C152.

I've used the search here and there's a lot of random, older posts on this subject. Hoping someone here can help me as I move forward.