Does EAA (I'm thinking of the "Chapters" guys like Charlie Becker who are sponsoring migration of chapter websites to the new site host) or individual chapters have any data indicating that chapter websites are effective recruiting tools? In other words, how many membership inquiries come from people visiting chapter websites?

Or are chapter websites not really a source of new members?

Before I invest a lot of time in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which I barely know how to spell, I'd like to have more confidence that prospective (aerobatic pilots, we're an IAC chapter) use the web to find EAA chapters.

The alternative to improving a chapter website for recruiting is to optimize the chapter website for IAC and chapter members who want to find out about training, airplanes, contests, etc., i.e., internal use.

I'd like to improve traffic to our site regardless; right now, it isn't one of the first five returns on a Google search and isn't returned at all by other search engines, e.g., DuckDuckGo (which some people like to use to evade the maw of Google).