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Thread: Nord 3202

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    Nord 3202

    Will likely buy a Nord 3202 shortly.

    I need any information or opinions from present Nord owners, others who have flown them or worked on them.

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    You could try searching in the Landings website database here:
    It should give you a list of owners and snail mail addresses that you could write to for more info.


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    I and a partner are slowly rebuilding a Nord 3202. He will be taking over the project as I am now just flying light sport as I have let my medical expire. The Nord owners that I have talked to say that they are a nice flying aircraft, like flying a large Citabria. They are just one of those airplanes that are so ugly they are cute. The FAA registration database have several on file. Where are you located? John Weber.

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    I have a brand new. old stock petrol tank for a Nord 3202
    If interested let me know

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