Hi, IAC members, pilots, judges, and volunteers,

On Sept. 11, an announcement was posted to the Latest News page on IAC.org announcing that 29 rules change proposals have been received for our 2020 IAC Contest Rules book. I think it's actually 27 rules (a couple of identical proposals were consolidated). We're asking for comments from the membership, and the due date is Oct. 11, which is coming up shortly.

Some of the proposals will require a bit of study, and reference to the 2019 version of the Rules. I maintained the words of the proposers as best as I could to insure the integrity of their proposals, so there's a bit of reading required.

Over the weekend of Oct. 12-13, I'll summarize the votes received along with pertinent comments, for submittal to the Rules Committee for comment and then to IAC for inclusion in the IAC Board's agenda packet for discussion and voting at the upcoming Fall Board Meeting. So please help me out a bit, take a look at the proposals, and send your votes / comments in the format of "Yes, No, Comment" to me at Ruleschair@IAC.org.

Thanks for your help!

Doug Sowder
IAC #14590
Rules Committee Chair