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Thread: Westfall negative stagger biplane

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    Westfall negative stagger biplane

    I discovered Westfall negative stagger biplane in Sport Aviation of october
    and found that this cabin biplane was great, I couldn't resist to draw a
    microlight-LSA variant with a VW 2180 70HP engine
    I took same dimension gap 46" and chord 42".
    Here are some thoughts concerning the biplane with positive and negative

    flying wires

    landing wires

    some specs

    munk factor

    50 ft clearance

    Take Off ground roll
    Figures could be divided by 2 with a reducted Rotax engine. Static thrust of VW2180 76HP
    is given by Great Plains builder manual 247lbs that is quite anemic.

    Upper spar of cabin to support wing rear upper spar (cantilever)

    Upper spar with fixed end moments

    High Definition (300dpi) PNG side view

    Name:  side 5.jpg
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    P.S : I use english and french, but in the latter case I think that drawing would help even if you don't know french.

    This post "Westfall negative stagger biplane" is for educational purposes only and may contain errors. Any attempt
    to use the results for actual design purposes are done at the user's own risk.
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