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Thread: Firewall Paint

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    Firewall Paint

    What type of paint do you use on firewalls if you want to paint one .

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    I used a good quality single stage Urethane paint. A good epoxy such as Awlgrip would work well also. Its available at most marine supply places. Prep is the key with any paint. It must be totally clean of oils and dirt. Since paint does not stick well to galvanized metal use some form of etching solution to give it some tooth for the paint to grab. Alumiprep will work even though it is not aluminum or Ospho which is also available at mairine places will do well. If there is any rust the Ospho would be best as it is stronger , just keep it off aluminum. . Brush on let sit a few minutes and wash very well with watr to rinse it. Let dry and paint.

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