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Thread: A First Look at Microsoft’s New Flight Simulator

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    "Take the long way home" In the early 1970's I was with the program manager of the HIPAAS future Navy high performance attack aircraft system needing to get from Washington, DC to Naval Air Development Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania , no, not in Johnsville, nor even Lockport which are subject to flooding. Harking back to the Rolling Rock beer with the lady on the label (Virginia Dare) and ignoring the wooing of Airbus and St. Pauli Girl, I chose a turboprop as my next simulated flight.

    Let's see, no Nord 262,now, but the Textron Beech King Air is lighter than the Convair converted to T-56 Allisons that got stuck too far from the welder based start cart at Albuquerque, I'll go with that. Using the search box on the globe and looking for Philadelphia International or something like that and already having chosen Ronald Regan as my departure ignoring National as a rentacar name.

    I found MS96 Barrett, Philadelphia if I ignore "Flying Circus." Enroute, I soon passed "Flying Circus Aerodrome" and kept going, maybe too long and I heard "contact Potomac approach." There, I just was forgetting the time. Until after passing over some mountains I heard "contact Indianapolis Center." Could be a coincidence, I was in clouds flying VFR mostly above at 8600 feet. "Washington Center" "contact Roanoke approach" had seemed right back quite a ways. Now I was suspicious.

    The Beech is not that slow as time was playing even for a patient man. "Atlanta Center" "Knoxville Approach" I decided to take my morning 1 hour walk while it played out for better or worse and I could see it still had 32% fuel was at 125knots and 2540 feet.
    When I got back, the landing gear was coming down, I was at 127 knots and 1690 feet. Shoulda, coulda, it came down on rwy 24 with the right wheel on the grass. Aw man! Musta locked the wheel still on newer pavement. I swerved to far port and crashed into a building. As I suspected after Knoxville, I was in Mississippi.

    Time to up my skills on the Freedom 2.4 as the AI gets lost on go arounds. Lakeway Airpark instead of Arizona with a Diamond TDI instead of a Cessna 152. Here is where my machine got overloaded, maybe related to the notice that my "bandwidth was inadequate" earlier and "moving you to offline." Boy! really congested with civilization compared to LAX and Kennedy and as it began takeoff it just froze for a pace then found itself and no more stutters even Apparently needed a download of something just then. After logging off, I saw my WI-FI was up and not needing attention.
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