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Thread: Tig Welder recommendations?

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    Something Overlooked

    Yes my TIG has Pulse , and Sequencer ... and I can use a Momentary switch instead of a foot pedal when I like.
    But the Welders don't have PRE_HEATERS
    I back up.... My Sequencer can be adjusted not only to RAMP down when you release it.
    It can also be adjusted to ramp UP for a pre-heat.
    One thing I hardly ever hear anyone talking about it pre-heat....
    I always have a quick start propane torch close by... Steel thru Aluminum...They all need it.

    Sometimes I even use it to slow the cooling. Especially on cast

    Even torch welding needs pre heat...Or you'll cold lap the metal.

    I like my water cooled TIG.... Smaller.... I even have a few "Cups" that are cut down...

    I only use a button cap on the back.... All my TIG rods are broke in half , then ground to a point.

    I have a little case with about 10 of them ready to swap out.

    Red..Old stuff , Gray and green are what I use...Steel or Aluminum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Speed View Post
    A good MIG welder has advantages over the TIG.

    I would Google, the truth is out there.

    Jake Speed
    How Mig welder has more advantage over Tig.
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