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Thread: A Look at Aerobatics Accident Statistics

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    Why did you exclude "engine failure." Have you never heard of "Tillie" from WW-II and her diaphram for Spitfires to fly negative "g's"? Or an inverted flight tank? Saber jets, barrel roll, Phantoms oblique loop into chandelle. Don't neglect "inverted oiling system" as a missing element in aerobatic capability. This is WW-I stuff. SPADS and Nieuports? And of course can we clump oil and fuel tanks together for two strokes? Gas Turbines are beyond Brinnell with ETOPS and run dry for endurance right side up.
    Because it was not relevant to the question I was asked. To recap: "Wes Liu suggested that I take a look at aerobatics-related accidents, specifically those that occur in airplanes not approved for aerobatics, and to low-time pilots trying to teach themselves aerobatics." Mechanical failure accidents were thus excluded. Cases where the power was lost due to fuel feed issues, etc. would be included as the NTSB would still rule the cause as being related to the aerobatics.

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