I'm working on starting a helicopter club in SE Wisconsin.

I'm looking for voices of experience when it comes to successfully administering this kind of thing.

The plan, so far, is to set up an LLC that will own the helicopter (a Safari 400, for starters). Member dues would pay for kit, inspections, expenses, etc.
Any training would be between members and CFI's directly, in keeping with FAA guidelines for experimental aircraft use.

For instance...

  1. Ways to structure dues: even splits or different types or levels of involvement?
  2. Fairest way to allocate access to the helicopter? e.g.- Schedules, sign-ups, rotations, handling rain dates, etc.
  3. Decision-making structure / authority? e.g.- Board? Single-point decision-making (President)? Voting?
  4. Maintaining aircraft? e.g.- Records, logs, quality of work, 5S, etc.
  5. Legal and insurance matters? What's needed? Avoiding horror stories?

My hope is to set it up clearly and fairly so that we can focus on the enjoyment of the build process, learning to fly and using the helicopter.

If you're in SE Wisconsin and would like to join me, please send me a note.