We need two more A&P mechanics in Savannah at Savannah Aviation. We are growing fast since we bought it a year ago. We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop and Cessna/Beech service center. We opened the flight school back up in March 2019 and we have 7 instructors and 10 airplanes for lease. Our employees can use our airplanes for gas money and we have two instructors on salary they can use for free and we have a CATS testing center on site. If you ever wanted to learn to fly or build time, Savannah would be a great place for it. If you get your CFI you can change to that job also.
We offer very high wages and great benefits, paid time off, vacation plus it is a really nice place to work.
We also do a lot of fabrication work on experimental's besides the certified piston and turboprop maintenance.
This business will be for sale in 9 years and I would prefer to sell it to an employee.
Please PM or call me and lets talk about your goals and your brighter future!
Contact Swaid at nine one two 6 five five zero 9 six 6 or look up and call Savannah Aviation on the web.
P.S.- We do some cool stuff like build airplanes and race them at Reno and Thailand, Experimental turboprop conversions, banner towing among other things.