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Thread: Restoring a wooden airplane wing.

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    Restoring a wooden airplane wing.


    I'm in the process of restoring a Stits Playmate. Presently, I'm looking at recovering the wing. I've found a couple broken ribs that look like they were the result of hangar rash and some of the old plywood reinforcement at the brace points were loose so I've popped them off expecting to make new replacements. Photos at my blog site here: (bottom of page)

    I'm curious your thoughts on re-sealing the wood around repair areas as well just resealing in general. What do you recommend I use for sealant? Spray VS brush? Any other recommendations for treating/conditioning old wood? Do I seal the wood before I glue on replacement plywood reinforcements?


    Mike Saathoff

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    glue new wood to clean wood, then seal around everything. i've usually brushed stits epoxy varnish for sealing small areas but if i had to do a large part of a wing or an entire wing I would probably spray

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    Lots of great info at:
    I'm sure it's not the only place for this sort of info, but a there are lot of posts over there addressing all aspects of wood construction / restoring older hardware, etc..
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