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Thread: Portable power pack for camping

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    Portable power pack for camping

    Any suggestions for a portable power supply for airplane camping?

    I've been using a Schumacher XP2260W jump starter (picture attached) for a few years. It has a lot of great features besides being able to jump start a car:
    __Two 12v cigarette lighter outlets
    __5v USB outlet
    __200w continuous/400w peak 110v inverter with two 3-prong outlets
    __LED work light
    __Air compressor for aircraft/car tire or bike tube (Schrader) with lighted pressure gauge
    __Separate low pressure air pump for inflating air mattress
    __Voltage display when DC or AC is on
    __Built-in charger with LED charging indicator (separate extension cord required)

    The things I don't like:
    __The heavy lead acid battery will need replacement soon. I'd prefer lithium to save weight. I wouldn't charge or discharge it in flight.
    __Only one USB outlet, so I plug a car triple USB adapter into one of the cigarette lighter outlets.
    __The low pressure inflator is useless because of the flimsy tube that came with it, and there's no storage compartment for that tube. So, for the air mattress, I bring a separate air pump that plugs into a 110v outlet of the jump starter.
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    I guess it depends on your power requirements. We have 2 iPhones and an iPad so we bring a couple of 10000mAH batteries. We charge them during the day and our devices off of them at night.
    The pump we use for our air mattress is powered by 4 D-cells.
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    I found this on Amazon. Rockpals 300W portable generator. 280 Watt-hours and only 7 lb. Great reviews. I ran my Phillips Respironics CPAP for 4 nights in a row on a single charge, using the 12V outlet. I also picked up a foldable solar panel charger for it. I plan to use this for tent camping at Oshkosh this year for CPAP, charging devices and running a small fan.

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    I replaced a similiar lead acid unit a couple years ago with a lithium type (very similiar to jstro's). Not any real differences in performance but new one is considerably lighter. Search for solar generator on Amazon.

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    (the Rockpals 300W is not a portable generator)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
    (the Rockpals 300W is not a portable generator)
    No it's not, but for some reason, these battery power supplies are being marketed with that label.

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    I have a 12 volt CPap also and I used a Deep Cycle marine battery at Sun N Fun a couple of years ago. It worked great but the battery weighs 40 lbs. I need a better solution, I'll check out the Rockpals unit.

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    By the way I also got the Rockpals solar panel to charge the 280 Wh Rockpals power supply. I'm really pleased with the performance. A fully day of sun is more than enough for a full charge.

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