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    Lightbulb Aviation video tutorial

    Here is the new episode on AeroCasts:

    New 016 Point of Equal Time - PET

    Here is the full list of pisodes on AeroCasts:

    015 Spin Avoidance & Recovery
    014 Flight Principles, part 2: Drag
    013 Wind Components, part 3: Calculations
    012 Wind Components, part 2: the "1/60" Rule
    011 Wind Components, part 1: Introduction
    010 Standard Traffic Pattern
    009 Flight Principles, Basic Lift
    008 Mass & Balance: Basic Calculations
    007 Mass & Balance Conceptual Introduction
    006 "Carte.Aero" by F-AERO
    005 Holding Pattern Entries
    004 Busy Airport Communications
    003 True Airspeed
    002 True Altitude
    001 About AeroCasts

    Best regards, Olivier

    AeroTube is produced by Olivier Rouchard (orouchard on Twitter ). A new episode will be released regularly featuring tips and tricks aircraft pilots. The screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your daily flights. The topics target student pilots, private pilots, instrument pilots and student commercial pilots. Some topics touch air rules and even experienced commercial pilots will get something out of it.
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    I really appreciate you dealing with true airspeed. However, if I would be a student pilot, I wanted to understand what are the physics around TAS. Why do we have to bother with TAS? Your little video would be more striking if you would discuss briefly the physical background. A refresher for some seasoned pilots would come in handy as well.

    I hope you don't mind my (hopefully mild) criticism.


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    Love your tutorials.Keep them coming

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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    Thank you for sharing..

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    These podcasts are absolutely awesome for me who is about to start taking lessons.
    Thanks so much!

    By the way, I think it's funny that you, with your heavy French accent, are easier to understand than the tower and control personnel. :-)

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    EPISODE # 16 – May 26, 2012
    Point of Equal Time - PET

    The Point of Equal Time is the point before which, it is faster to return to the airport of origine rather than the destination.
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