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Thread: Access to Aeromart before the convention

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    Access to Aeromart before the convention

    Does anyone know the official procedure to drop off stuff at that Aeromart on Saturday and Sunday before the convention starts? Last year it was a hassle due to the "Ground Access Rules". There were a lot of puzzled looks and "ida know"s and "you can't go there"s when I tried to drop off items. I am surprised that the EAA chapter that runs Aeromart has not gotten EAA to clarify.

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    The Aeromart is outside the restricted area. Restricted area is open only to those with vender set up credentials before Monday morning.

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    The Aeromart tent itself may actually be outside the restricted area, but the entrance is inside the restricted area. You need to go in to the convention grounds through a side entrance near buildings B and D, and then explain your way with security over to the Aeromart. If you try to go in the main gate you get hassled and sent away. At least that is the way it was last year. This year? Who knows? I'll have to figure it out again.

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