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Thread: 2019 Sequences are out

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    2019 Sequences are out

    Posted over at The Sportsman sequence looks interesting. I have to fly it to really know, but this year you've got a full box length to rebuild speed for the slow roll after the half loop up, but then you have to bleed it off pretty quick to complete the split-S without overspeeding. I wonder if this will be an issue for the lower drag airplane designs. The Decathlon slows down pretty well, but others maybe not as much.
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    Post #1 may not be reading the sequence right. If I read the post correctly, it may not be understood that Figure #3 is a half loop up half roll as one figure. The half roll must begin at the moment that the half loop up is completed. Drawing a line earns a penalty that starts a 1 point and increases with the length of the line before the half roll.

    If the intention of the post was to point out roll after the 180 turn, the best presentation will place that roll at center box, probably 1/3 into the box from the Judges Line.

    No need to slow down for the half roll half loop down. Decathlons can do that fine at full throttle.

    See you at the box

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