I had the opportunity to fly into OSH17 and made a video about it - figured it might be helpful for those of you making your first trek in this year (once the weather clears):

I had the privilege of hitching a ride along with my friend Marty for OSH17 and we filmed it. It was INTENSE as a first timer, and I wasn't even flying it. I think the biggest takeaways I have for everyone are:
1. Read the NOTAM - I make a joke about this in the video, but holy crap read the NOTAM.
2. Keep your head on a swivel - there was a fair amount of traffic as we came in and it's probably even more during peak times. If you're making the approach in the coming days, be careful - OSH18 has seen a ton of rain so far and it sounds like lots of folks are waiting in the wings for their opportunity to make the last hop.
3. You've gotta do this! - We're super privileged to live so close.
4. Practice your spot landings and patterns - I say to Marty in the video that I'm not sure I'd have felt comfortable enough to do the tight and short approach they ask you to do, only one way to fix that.

I left the Ripon-Fisk-OSH section of the video like 98% uncut, just a few dead air spaces were cut, so you can get a truer picture of what it's going to be like.

So cool to be cleared to land on the Green Dot! Once we had 4UV parked, it honestly felt like coming home.

I'll be up at OSH Thursday and Friday of the week this year, hope I can run into some of you!