I just wanted to pass along some info on a free event that some of you may be interested in -

If any of you have wondered about using a Corvair engine in your flying aircraft, or your aircraft project , but you did not really know how to get really good info, here is a golden opportunity. William Wynne the premier authority on the use of Corvair flight engines, and Dan Weseman of Sport Performance Aviation (home of the Panther aircraft) are having a workshop/open house May 18-20.


If you want a head start on your project, it is a rare opportunity to get almost a one-on-one type of assistance from Dan and William (Dan is the designer of the #1, most widely used 5th bearing flying on Corvair flight engines today). If you are just curious about Corvair engines but did not know how to get good information and how to get your question answered this weekend is for you as well. There is no cost to the event, but it is a priceless opportunity for builders of Corvair engines, or for those that want to get questions answered. You will not have this level of accessibility to William and Dan to get your questions answered even at one of the Corvair Colleges that run several times each year.

To be clear, I am not a part of this event, and I am not soliciting anyone's business on this forum. What I am doing is letting you know of a great event, that is a great, great opportunity to learn.